The invention relates to devices for damping mechanical vibrations and can be used, for example, in medical technology in the creation of artificial joints of human limbs. In the shock absorber of mechanical vibrations, which contains a housing in which a movable piston with a rod and a system for damping mechanical axial movements of the piston, the housing is made of non-magnetic material with end caps made of non-magnetic material, installed with the possibility of adjusting the axial position relative to the housing, permanent magnets with rubber pads are fixedly installed in the end caps, the piston with a rod is made of non-magnetic material, hollow, hermetically sealed, filled with liquid, equipped with rubber pads on the end surfaces and placed inside a movable sealed additional piston, which is tightly mounted on an axial sliding guide, a permanent magnet is placed in the additional piston and longitudinal holes are made that connect the piston cavities, and due to their overlap with the end elastic plates form check valves, and the magnet in the additional piston is installed with the same poles towards the magnets in the end caps of the body, an axial hole is made in the sliding guide, connecting the piston cavities of the additional piston and is equipped with an adjustable throttle with the ability to move its movable element outside the shock absorber through the sealed rod axial hole, and on the inner surface of the housing is a longitudinal groove connecting the rod and piston cavities, with the possibility of its overlap with the piston before approaching the end of the stroke. In addition, the moving element of the adjustable throttle shock absorber can be made of heat-sensitive material. The proposed design of the shock absorber of mechanical vibrations provides reliable damping of mechanical vibrations. Due to the complete sealing of the fluid in the piston, high reliability and long service life of the shock absorber is ensured. The design provides the ability to adjust the shock absorber to a specific load. The use of hydraulic, pneumatic and magnetic damping in one design provides the shock absorber with high efficiency at very small dimensions.

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  • Research team NN MMI-06. Ultrasonic cavitation technologies and equipment for their implementation

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