The cam mechanism of periodic rotation comprises a body, a driving shaft installed in it with a cam open along minimum radii-vectors, a driven shaft with a main gear fixed on it and rollers uniformly fixed on it in a circle for interaction with the cam. At the same time adjacent rollers are installed with simultaneous contact with equipradius section of cam during driven shaft extension. Besides, cam mechanism comprises additional gear and flexible link with its one end secured on eccentrically installed pin on cam and its second end secured on pin eccentrically installed on additional gear. In addition, another elastic link is additionally installed in the mechanism, which with one end is fixed on the existing eccentrically installed pin on the additional gear, and with the other end – on the additional eccentrically installed pin on the cam.

The utility model relates to mechanical engineering, namely, to periodic rotation mechanisms that are used in mechanical engineering, to a large extent in machine tool engineering, etc.

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