The invention relates to general mechanical engineering. The mobile robotic complex with remote control includes a self-propelled chassis, an anthropomorphic manipulator mounted on the chassis body, units of electro-automation and telemechanics and a remote control post, the manipulator comprising a head part of a power arm with an active differential joint, wherein the main part of the power arm is pivotally connected to the platform of the manipulator’s support and rotary device by a drive for moving the arm in the vertical plane and is pivotally connected to the end part of the power arm and has a pivotally mounted hand at the end with drives for its rotation relative to the power arm, wherein the mechanisms of the power arm of the anthropomorphic manipulator and the hand rotation have locks for the movable elements of the power arm and the hand in clearly defined positions, wherein a device with parallel kinematic structures is mounted on the hand, the mechanism of which has six rods of variable length with hinges and corresponding drives, the hinges with drives being fixed on the hand, and the opposite hinges of all the rods being fixed on a movable platform, which is rigidly connected to a device for determining the exact spatial position of the platform, which is made in the form of a trihedral pyramid, the edges of which are placed at an angle of 90° and oriented along the axes of symmetry of the platform, and the pyramid is in the field of view of 3D scanners mounted on the chassis and connected to the remote control post of the mobile robotic complex. The invention allows for high-precision geometric dimensioning and relative positioning of the platform and the object to be processed.

Invention is related to general machine building and may be used in development of devices for operation with hazardous objects.

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