The ultrasonic cavitation device was developed for the pharmaceutical industry in order to obtain medicinal preparations from rare and useful plants through cavitation extraction

Market and economic attractiveness

  • The device allows extraction of medicinal components from rare and useful plants without alcohol

The main advantages (strengths) of the development

  • The technology of ultrasonic cavitation extraction without the involvement of alcohol has been implemented. The device ensures high purity of extracts without the presence of products of cavitation erosion of device elements

Main characteristics

Operating frequency22 kHz
Pressureup to 1.0 MPa

Ready state

  • Fully functional sample tested
  • Modes of experimental production have been implemented
  • Production in real conditions has been carried out
  • Schemes of basic business processes are defined
  • Patent applications have been submitted
  • Launching on the market took place

Protection of intellectual property

  • Patent of Ukraine №112827. Device for ultrasonic cavitation treatment of liquid

Information about developers

What is needed to promote development

Investors and customers are needed.

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