The development of a laboratory instance with hardware and software parts, which performs the intended function of collecting data from the meter and transmitting data to the data processing center, and requires improvement of the software part and appropriate testing in practice to achieve stable operation

Market and economic attractiveness

  • The development occupies a place on the market of Ukraine and the world among the means of automated data collection from resource counters that do not have a pre-defined interface for collecting data about used resources and transferring them to the data processing center
  • The users of the product can be both individuals and legal entities, organizations that are interested in the implementation of automated data collection from meters of used resources, with minimal changes to existing accounting tools, minimal financial costs for the implementation of collection automation, and without the need to conclude new contracts with service providers in connection with the modernization and not replacement of existing resource meters

The main advantages (strengths) of the development

  • The solution does not require intervention in existing resource accounting tools and, accordingly, does not require additional actions to replace meters or renegotiate contracts with service providers
  • Competitive (lower) price compared to the costs of purchasing a modern new meter with a telecommunications interface, and the operating costs of replacing it and concluding a new contract with a service provider

Main characteristics

Absolute reduction (cancellation) of routine human work to record indicators from the resource counter10/10
Availability of the device to the end user0/10 – mass production has not yet started
Convenience8/10 – needs intervention for installation and maintenance if necessary
Cost8/10 – cheaper than the cost of replacing the meter with a new one
Adaptability8/10 – the possibility of adaptation to almost most counters from different manufacturers

Ready state

  • The laboratory sample has been tested
  • Integration interfaces are defined
  • The basic production technology has been defined and tested
  • Schemes of basic business processes are defined
  • An initial assessment of benefits and risks has been completed
  • The evaluation of usefulness has been carried out

Information about developers

What is needed to promote development

  • Implementation of the development in the pilot organization
  • Refinement of the laboratory product to market appearance
  • Product description for the end user
  • Description of the manufacturing process, the product customization process for the user, the product maintenance process

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