The centrifugal thermoelectric distillation system contains a thermoelectric heat pump, a cooler, a fresh solution feeding subsystem, distillate, concentrate and non-condensable gas removal subsystems, a centrifugal distillation unit with a sealed housing in which an externally driven hollow rotor is placed, divided into evaporator, condenser and condensate collector, circulating condensate scoop pump, circulating evaporated solution scoop pump, scoop pump for pumping condensate from the condenser to the condensate collector, scoop pump of the evaporator solution level control system and irrigator. The evaporator and condenser are separated by a thermoelectric heat pump battery, the hot side of which serves as the evaporator heat exchange surface and the cold side of which serves as the condenser heat exchange surface. The evaporator and condenser are connected by a steam channel through the central hole of the thermoelectric battery, the circulating scoop pump of the evaporated solution is connected to the evaporator evaporation surface irrigator and the concentrate discharge subsystem by the outlet pipe, and the centrifugal distillation unit is equipped with a device for transmitting electrical power to the thermoelectric battery of the thermoelectric heat pump.

The utility model relates to water purification systems and can be used in life support systems of manned spacecraft for water regeneration, including at space stations located in near-Earth orbits, as well as when performing manned expeditions to other planets.

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