Lens of optical scanner of nanosatellite of cubsat format contains main and secondary mirrors and correcting element. In addition, it additionally has an input lens (1), which is positive, made in the form of a meniscus and located in front of the main mirror. The main mirror is made as a meniscus-shaped Mangin mirror (2) and is located opposite the input lens, and the secondary mirror (3) is connected to the input lens (1). The correcting element is located in the technological hole of the main mirror and consists of two lenses: the first lens of the correcting element (4), which is positive, and the second lens of the correcting element (5), which is negative.

The useful model belongs to the field of optical devices, namely to the field of optical scanners of remote sensing of the Earth of a nanosatellite of the cubsat format and can be used to solve the problems of obtaining high-quality images when monitoring the Earth’s surface.

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